Tachometer flicking

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Heavy Duty
2020 International MV607 6.7L (ISB 6.7)
Low Battery Soc
Tachometer Flickering
Dash Does Not Wakup With Door Opening
Truck Cranks Over Fine
No Change After Battery Charge
Problem Is Intermittent

Work for an equipment up fitting company called Altec. brought a truck into the shop the other day and noticed a strange problem. Tachometer keeps flickering, not sure what’s up with it yet. If anybody has any ideas on this please don’t hesitate to provide your input.

Paul Mechanic
Harvey, Illinois
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Your list is long, but as far as tachometer flickering-if engine is not mirroring tach,suspect gauge motor. If you have access to scan data check rpm pid to confirm. Could also be a problem with bussed information being corrupted given your low soc on battery. Not a diesel guy, just some ideas of what it could be.

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Robert Technician
Sterling, Massachusetts
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Tach operates great with engine running. Thinking I might have something draining on the batteries or back feeding into the ECM after batteries get real low. charged the batteries on Friday during work on another truck. Problem happens after the vehicle has been asleep for a long period of time. Open the door, hop in with no key in the ignition and there’s the problem again. when you open the…

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Tim Owner/Technician
Gold Beach, Oregon
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You can check with scan tool then pack probe with scope to get real results

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David Owner/Technician
Milton, Ontario
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Good Morning Robert: Hope all is fine down there. Am familiar with Altec. Has the boom been installed yet as well as the other add ons? Was the problem there before or after the installations? For this truck you should/will find it very helpful/necessary ( if not today but in the future) to hook up Navistar/International DLB software program to diagnose. This is a multi plex type system. It…

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Robert Technician
Sterling, Massachusetts
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Thanks a lot, yes the boom and other additional items have been installed. Truck is “finished”. I am very familiar with Diamond Logic Builder. Hoping to get hooked up to the truck first thing Monday morning. Thanks for the input, it is greatly appreciated. I Will provide an update soon with any luck hopefully.

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