2015 Maserati ghibli

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2015 Maserati Ghibli S Q4 3.0L 8-spd (8HP70)—ZAM57RTA5F1130090

I have a 2015 Maserati ghibli s q4 3.0l v6 the shop owner took it in on the assumption that we have service information for vehicle after looking on Identifix and Alldata I could not find any information as to oil specifications or oil light reset if any one has this information please share I’m stuck trying to figure it out oh and the customer is waiting :(

Mark Diagnostician
Elk Grove, California
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I always get oil capacity from parts dept at the dealer. My Autel resets the oil lights. Maybe this helps...oil-change​.​info/maserati-ghibl…

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Grant Technician
Loves Park, Illinois
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Owner's manual

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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David Owner/Technician
North Bergen, New Jersey
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The oil this car uses is 5w40 full synthetic. The reset can be done with the Matco tool the Maximus. This tool also has the ability to communicate with the car and look at data and reset codes. One of the few tools that really works with the Maserati line. It has a dip stick to check level. Hope this was of help to you. CityLine Imports David Nuñez

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Joe Diagnostician
Midland, Texas
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Thank you David very valuable information. i appreciate your time knowledge.

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Brandon Technician
Medina, Minnesota
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We get oil type and capacity from owner's manual and reset the light with our Autel.

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Joe Diagnostician
Midland, Texas
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Thank you ! there was no owners manual in the vehicle but I used the spec 8.3 l thank you mike. this vehicle is equipped with a dipstick.

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Rudy Technician
Montebello, California
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Sounds like a wonderful place to work. Glad you got it sorted out.....

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Scott Technician
Chico, California
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We recently had one of these. Ended up calling the closest dealer 450 miles away to order the filter they told us 5w40 euro and 8 qts. We used an autel maxisys for oil life reset. Make sure you get a new drain gasket from dealer. My two cents. Fun thing about this car. It's basically a Chrysler pentistar engine. Rotating assy redone by Ferrari. Cast block, chains and phasers all from Chrysler.

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