Emissions Problems

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2013 Ram 5500 ST 6.7L (L ETK 320hp) 6-spd (G56) — 3C7WRNBL7DG566987
Reduced Power

Hello all, we have this truck in the shop that customer is complaining that after a day of working (which includes a lot of idling time) a msg will pop up on the DIC saying that the DPF is 90% and it is going to derate the engine. If nothing is done it will go into reduced power mode. However the driver says that he can take it out on the freeway and drive it hard and make the light go back off and it will run fine for about a week. They took the vehicle to a dealership and had the DPF and Diffierential pressure feedback sensor replaced and it did not improve anything... I drove the vehicle approximately 40 miles with no problems. There are no codes stored that are at all related to an emission problem. We highly suspect that we have an engine problem (such as, a leaky turbo or injector over fueling or something of that nature) Is there any tests that i can do to verify this?? can i prove or disprove injectors etc?? any and all professional opinions and ideas are welcome! thanks in advance!!!

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I have some international buses that have the maxforce 7 engines in them. on 1 the inj were leaking so bad that it would make a quart of oil in a month. Told the fleet owner. Finally the high pressure fuel pump quit on it. I recommended pump and inj. He opted for the pump. It ran pretty bad after replacement. The DPF light came on every 3 days and I had to do forced regens frequently. Replaced…

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One of the ways we test injectors to see if there leaking is you pull the pipe off after the turbo or before the doc. Start it up and do a s…p test. So you just put the accelerator to to the floor for a second a few times and see if there is a large amount of black smoke. I do this 3 ways i do it cold, hot , and power break it a little bit to put a load on the engine. If it does smoke I try to…

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That is a good idea to run it with the exhaust off. up by the EGR valve is another differential pressure sensor. The EGRDP. Take it off and clean out the passages. Very often one of them is plugged completely shut. This will not code but man will it make them roll the smoke. If it is not to crazy in the am I have some pics and a short video of One we just did. Also a good idea to check the…

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Matthew Mobile Technician

The snap test as mentioned is the best way. Anything that causes black smoke will cause frequent regens and loading of the DPF. We always disconnect the down pipe at the DPF and do the test. The delta pressure ports for the EGR always clog up on these things causing issues as well. I always take them apart down to the grid heater now, they are usually coked up pretty solid.

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