Mercedes Fault Code #BBQ

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Case Study
2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 3.5L (276.957) 7-spd (722.9) — WDCGG8JB2EG312578
P0087 — Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too Low Bank 1
P0627 — Fuel Pump "A" Control Circuit/Open
Crank / No Start

Vehicle towed in for a start/stall & crank no start. Vehicle had previously been to local MB dealer for this condition but at that time it was intermittent - they were unable to find any reason for the customer complaint. Scanned for faults and found #P0087 in ENG and #P0627 in FSCU. Hooked up fuel pressure gauge to check supply pressure it was 0 PSI. Tried to command fuel pump on using bidirectional control and all of a sudden I got 5 Bar on the gauge vehicle now starts.. (i hate when this happens) I figured I would pull the rear seat anyways and check wiring and connections to FSCU (fuel pump control module) Oh my what do we have here!? it smells like a barbecue....

Theere was no sign of this with seat installed and no mention from customer this had happened. Circuit board corroded or is it barbecued.. 😂

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you know how to tell if your Mercedes was made in Alabama ? the bbq bones under the seat lol

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Know Good Data with new FSCU installed diag​.​net/file/f35ff68ya… ​

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