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Another year at SEMA / AAPEX has concluded. I spent most of the week in the SEMA Bartec booth. It is amazing how many out there in the Automotive field do not know how to use a TPMS tool. Plenty of training going on. One new feature of the Bartec tool is that it has combined programming and relearning into the same step. Install blank RITE sensor, Air up tires, Use Rite-Sync function to program and relearn sensors to the vehicle. ritesensor​.​com/rite-sync

I was able to do some exploring on Thursday. Met with friends and saw some awesome new tools. Bernie hit a home run with this one. automotivetestsolutions​.​com/iva


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Mike you’re right, Bernie and Neal have another great tool. Strong magnetic boxes, 4 channels, 2 mics and it does not need a labscope. They always come out with amazing products.

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Yes Mike it was a great week....Heading home now.....Had some loose ends to tend to....I agree with you that our industry is missing out on the technologies that are at hand ......Now......And there might not be time to " catch up"....This time. When technologies are mandated....That means it must be repaired correctly without question besides ! It should be looked upon as a benefit to the…

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