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Hello guys. I have a question regarding the Pico. If I load a saved file, whether one I saved or someone has sent to me, the channel settings on the scope are blank. I have tried on two different PC's and I have the same issue. I also tried with the scope module connected and disconnected with no difference. Any chance someone out there can tell me how to fix this?

Eric Mechanic
North Carolina

I believe all you can do with a saved file is zoom in. Can't change the settings once it's saved.

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Matt Technician

Open the Picoscope program, elect to use demo mode, then goto file, open and open the file you want that way. It will give you this ability.

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Steven Mechanic

Matt gave you the right advice. The picoscope software has a "quirk", I guess you could call it. You have to start-up the picoscope software first, then use the menu to choose File -> Open, if you want the file to have all the channel labels and everything. When you do it the other way by double clicking the file to open it, it has limited ability to do anything with that file.

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Joseph Owner/Technician
New Jersey

Guys thanks for the input. I know it used to work for me either way. I reinstalled the pico software and it all works properly now.

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