2017 Honda Ridgeline Park Aid and Headlight Message

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2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition 3.5L (J35Y6) 6-spd (PF4A)

This Ridgeline came to us from a body shop after a minor front collision. There was a headlight failure message on the messsage center. Vehicle was involved in a light front end accident Bumper cover,headlight,right front park sensor and some support brackets were replaced. I know what was replaced because I always request a work summary from body shops. 

A full vehicle scan was performed. Several modules contained various codes. After all codes were saved then they were all cleared. All of the modules that had codes were retested. All codes were saved and printed for the body shop. The body shop had a mobile service look at this truck prior to sending over to us. The mobile service stated there were no codes in any module according to their post scan only the message for headlight failure. 

The only codes that reappeared after clearing were for right front headlight failure and both front parking aid sensors. The headlight code was a generic light fault. The parking aid sensor codes were for a lack of communication for with both sensors. 

The headlight code stated that there was a right front Led failure. All of the lights illuminate properly when tested. 

To check the headlight circuit the bumper cover was removed. The current for the right Led headlight assembly was tested with a low amps current probe. The right was measured at 1.06 amps. The the current was measured at the left headlight. The Left was measured at 1.55 amps. With a half amp less current flow for the right light the MICU control module assumes there is a bulb out on the right side. All of the bulbs work. Closer inspection reveals that the right headlamp is aftermarket. After no voltage drops are verified A new Oe headlight is requested. 

Now on to testing the front parking aid sensors. Code states incorrect sensors or lack of communication. This particular front system used two sonar type sensors. The left is the master and the right is the slave. 6 wires feed the left while 3 feed the right. 

The replacement right side sensor was verified as a correct oe part. Wiring was tested with no faults found. Using the Honda oe scan tool there is a brief description of the code and some trouble areas to consider. The tool stated a wiring,module or sensor was likely the trouble area. 

A check of aftermarket service info revealed no information as the vehicle is too new. Checking oe service information for the codes had good information on code set criteria and possible causes. It also contained a hyperlink for how to initialize the front park sensors. 

A new Oe headlight was installed in the right front and current was rechecked. It also now measured 1.55 amps. The front end was reassembled. 

All codes cleared and headlight message was gone. Now to initialize the front sensors.

Turn the ignition power on. Depress and release the parking aid control switch 10 times in 10 seconds, power off ignition. Hold the park aid control switch down while powering up ignition mode again. Wait 10 seconds with switch depressed and a long beep will be heard. Clear codes and verify system operation. 

All codes cleared again. Front parking aid sensor system operation verified a road test and another post scan performed showed no more issues. 

Michael Mobile Technician

Wow!, you would think the aftermarket would at least test their solution before releasing them. Was the part Dorman? I used to work for them. I have contacts that should know if there is a quality problem. Problems like this are what separates the electrical diagnostic technicians from the part swappers. The usual response would be to send it to "The Dealer". Great work Robert!

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Robert Diagnostician
New York

No not Dorman. I think it was TYC an aftermarket body part supplier. I’m sure they will fix it as they probably have not sold many of this particular part number yet. The headlight only fits the black edition Ridgeline and 17 was the first year for the new Ridgeline.

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Dean Owner
New York

Run across this often. Usually Euro cars are not tolerant of aftermarket headlamps. Not so common in Honda's. Thank God for the remote scanning people. I was also unaware the parking sensors needed initialization. Good post thanks for sharing. Did that have adaptive headlamps?

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Robert Diagnostician
New York

No not adaptive just LED.

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Tanner Instructor
South Carolina

Nice write up, I like that you used the low amp clamp to determine the amperage was different. Its things like this that can stump someone without a good understanding of electricity.

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