The Automotive Institute Of Science And Technology Is Going To Change Education And The Industry

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Here is a sneak peek into some exciting stuff! Please keep an eye out and support the Automotive Institute of Science and Technology. They’re going to be changing Education and the Automotive Industry for the better. I want to move to CO. now!


Adrean Diagnostician
Bakersfield, California
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way better than uti

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Robby Mobile Technician
New Market, Alabama
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Hi Brin, That does look exciting. I believe in training (just like all of us), but I also believe that training should start with a core foundation in academics. On a side note, I took a couple of computer programming classes (Python & C++) at my local community college a few years back. It was amazing the problem solving skills you develop in those types of classes - although, I still

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Hans Diagnostician
Salt Lake City, Utah
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I hope this school takes off and the idea spreads. Project Based Learning is spreading throughout "regular" school and was referenced often in my university classes. Hopefully they build one just a little closer to me :D

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