Free Webinar: It's Not Just Batteries - How Electrified Vehicle Systems Work Together (A Technical Presentation)

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Hey Everyone, we have our next free webinar coming up on Tuesday and we would love to see you there! This webinar is a technical presentation, and we are going back to the basics with Electrified Vehicle technologies. So if you feel like you need a refresher on how advanced systems work together (or you or someone you know hasn't had much exposure to advanced technologies yet), this one is for you. 

Even if you think you can't attend one of the two live broadcasts we encourage you to register for one of the broadcasts. We will be sending out a recording after the presentation(s). 


Topic: It's Not Just Batteries - How Electrified Vehicle Systems Work Together (A Technical Presentation)

Date: Tuesday, May 5th 2020. 

Time: 12:30PM ET and PT (this webinar airs live twice)

Presenter: Dr. Mark …



Do your diagnostic and service processes for Electrified vehicles include systems other than the Battery Pack? This webinar will cover how some of the highly integrated major electrified vehicle systems can effect the overall operation, diagnostics, and service of the vehicle. If your service business is currently (or will be) interfacing with electrified vehicles to ensure that the diagnostic, maintenance, and repair services offered encompass the total services framework. Having a more comprehensive understanding of the information provided in this webinar will help the automotive diagnostic and service business expand their current services.

This is a technical presentation that will cover some of the basic overviews and operations, for the purpose of providing some introductory information to Electrified Vehicle Systems. We will be having a brief Q&A session after the presentation to answer questions you may have.

Topics that will be covered during the presentation:

• The HVAC System: It’s new role in electrified vehicles

• How Plug-In and Electrified vehicle range is effected by HVAC

• Regenerative Braking: Electric overtakes Friction Braking

• High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems: It Effects Everything on the High Voltage Bus

...and more!

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