Magic 8 ball now magic glasses

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The changes that our industry faces is interesting to say the least. Sometimes it's fun to guess what might stick. 


Gary Manager
Stuart, Florida
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Interesting, I saw something similar demonstrated at SEMA/APPEX a few years ago. I think it was VDO working on it and the glasses showed Service info, Diagrams and even the location if what bolts to remove for the part that you were replacing.

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Matthew Technician
Lawrence, Massachusetts
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I remember seeing a video at a training seminar about BMW implementing augmented reality. The glasses double as safety glasses and walked the technician through a R&R step by step, highlighting the parts on the car the needed to be removed.

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Bruce Technician
Spring Hill, Tennessee
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I see this leading to further dumb down the industry. Instead of getting training and learning the system, just call tech support with these glasses on and they will literally draw it out for you.

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Brin Diagnostician
Melbourne, Florida
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The change in this industry is hard to keep up with. I really don't like this concept but I understand that it could end up being a reasonable solution for some auto repair business owners. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate while we struggle to acquire and retain the caliber of individuals needed to properly handle this technology. Companies like Snap On, Farsight and Drew Technologies to

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Martin Instructor
Burnaby, British Columbia
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These seem to surface now and again, being first developed for military use. I recall Holly Pugilise of the US EPA being involved with a similar review and offering trials as early as the late 1990s. However, while the thought is that little more than a "trained chimp", may required to be led through diagnostic and repair procedures, that is a false belief at best. These systems always seem to

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Albin Diagnostician
Leavenworth, Washington
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Awww come on Martin, you are just worried you might run out of a job training technicians to think and use their head :) I remember back in the 60's hearing about automation to the manufacturing sector and the predictions about mass amounts of people being put out of work from the automation. I also remember talking to my Dad about this. (Dad was a millwright in a sawmill). Dad told me that

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Martin Instructor
Burnaby, British Columbia
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As you well know, I've never been afraid of change Albin 8-) My take on this most recent "revelation" that has been taking place since the '90s, is that its going to take a "while" longer to "perfect" enough for mass implementation and in the meantime, we will carry on doing what we do best! I can just envision it. The manufacturer version will have full features, but the AM version will be

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William Owner/Technician
Surrey, British Columbia
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And Harv Always will Martin!

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John Business Development Manager
San Leandro, California
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Robots have all the necessary dexterity and don't need all the pampering of a human. I can totally see that happening, possibly sooner rather than later. Fixing cars is largely repetitive, humans are mostly not needed, until something abnormal happens, like another human screwing something up.

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Adrean Diagnostician
Bakersfield, California
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Would be. nice instead of doing mobile I can guide them from home lol But man is technology advancing quick

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