Diagnostic work station

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I’m always looking for ways to make myself more efficient. One thing I do, is locate diagnostic tooling on a highly portable workstation. 

I have actually repurposed an old Modis cart. It’s not as big as some of the newer offerings, but it is much easier to move through a crowded shop. 

The downside, is I have a second larger cart to organize all the accessories. I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow of my setup.

please post pictures and ideas for in shop mobile solutions. 


Scott from Warrnambool VIC



Hi Scott.... would be keen to see some pics of your setup


Bruce from Spring Hill



I am currently using a used Kobalt box that my dad gave me. I would like to get a better cart or box. I don't have a monitor yet but that's next on the list. I have added a pegboard to the side and another one on the back to hang leads and probes


Scott from Longmont



A few pics: