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We are a good place to work 

Are you good with your mind, can listen to the concern, use the most current diagnostic equipment to find the cause, and have the ability make the correction and make yet another one of your customers happy because you made their car safe and reliable? Do you enjoy, having the availability to continue your education through an employment benefit to help you stay current in todays always changing automotive industry? Are you a Master Certified Technician or in the process of becoming certified? Do you work well with your team to help bring them to the next level? Do you appreciate when you have an idea or equipment request to make workflow better someone will listen? Do you want an opportunity to make a six-figure income with many other benefits?

We are a national franchise auto repair shop that is family owned, operated, and growing in the metro area. We are looking for your talents and good work ethic to join a great team. 

Do you see yourself fitting in with our creed?

We believe our first responsibility is to the drivers of the vehicles we service. 

We must always provide world class service to our customers. Our services must always be of the highest quality; we must constantly strive to reduce the cost of these services. Our services must be performed promptly, safely, and completely. We must do all we can to ensure our customers safety on the road.

Our second responsibility is to those who work with us.

The men and women that work with us must have a sense of security in their jobs and their wages must be fair and adequate. Management must be just; hours reasonable and working conditions clean, safe, and orderly. Employees should have an organized method for suggestions and complaints. Supervisors must be qualified and fair. There must be training, and mentoring provided allowing opportunity for advancement for those qualified. Each person shall strive for continual improvement in personal performance as well as improvement to the business. Each person must be considered an individual with unique skills and abilities and be allowed to utilize those skills and abilities to the fullest potential. Each person shall be treated with respect and shall expect dignity and merit.

Please reach out to us with your resume or contact us if you have any questions

Career Opportunities - Honest-1 Auto Care New Hope (honest1newhope​.​com)

We offer a range of benefits including:

  • Health
  • Aflac
  • 401K
  • AVI training (Free)
  • Dental, Life insurance available 
  • PTO
  • Paid Holidays
  • Uniforms
  • ASE testing reimbursement
  • Full range of training sessions prepaid 
  • Employee repair privileges
Randall Owner/Technician

Really well done ad, website and Business Philosophy! Much of it matches our thinking and practices, thanks for sharing. Rather then try to improve on something already really well done, I will piggy back on it with a similar offer from Michigan's northwest lower peninsula (Traverse City area). Visit autoprosupnorth​.​com for more information. Be sure and watch the video on the…

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