2018 TMC's SuperTech and FutureTech Competition

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I attended the SuperTech and FutureTech competitions for the second year in Orlando, FL. These competitions are put on by the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Association (ATA), and

Both competitions are well-organized with various stations to test technicians’ skills given various scenarios. I judged at the brakes station where there were two different brands of disc brakes to inspect and troubleshoot.

Over 100 technicians competed on Medium and Heavy-Duty equipment including 75+ class 8 trucks, trailer, converter dollies and other training equipment.

A short video covering the competition may be viewed here: youtu​.​be/MaHqXRw1ahg

The TMC, as an organization, has done much for the trucking industry including developing two extensive manuals for trucking fleet operators. The “Recommended Maintenance Practices Manual” is a guide to standardize fleet maintenance procedures to facilitate safe and efficient fleet operation.

The other guide is the “Recommended Engineering Practices Manual”. This manual is designed to assist with the engineering of specifications for fleets when designing and purchasing equipment.

These guides are the gold standard for fleet operations. The standards are subject to industry scrutiny and vetted for accuracy to facilitate efficient maintenance operations.

They can be found here if you’re interested: atabusinesssolutions​.​com/ATA-Store/Prod…

Next year the competition will be held in Raleigh, NC. If you are interested in competing or judging, you should contact the TMC for information now at: tmcconnect​.​trucking​.​org/tmc/home?ssopc…

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