Knowing the differences of Nissan Remotes

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Ever try to program a remote a customer purchased through an online source ? Only to see yourself getting frustrated. Well there is a reason, Nissan uses 2 different manufacturers for there remotes and on the outside they look exactly the same.


The Manufacturers names are Alps and Continental. Here are the differences below between the both manufacturers

diag​.​net/file/f6luluas5… diag​.​net/file/f5t7106x9…

This can save a lot of time and confusion just knowing off hand that the remote that the customer purchased will not work program to the vehicle. Below is a chart that shows what type of remote a Nissan vehicle uses in each model up to 2016 model year. But the manufacturers stay the same past 2016 MY and now you can see and detect the difference instead of trying to figure it out. diag​.​net/file/ffzds77i7…

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Steven, Great info. This was a service tip PDF available on the Nissan site. You should include the rest of it that shows the Infiniti usage chart and which I-Keys use which battery. As far as the online source issues goes. I do not do any programming if they are not OE keys. Especially Nissan/Infiniti I-Keys. Been burnt too many times by online vendors. I require a bill from the OE with part

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Steven Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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Hi John, Here are the Infiniti charts if you need them.

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John Owner
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Steven, Those are remotes not I-Keys. What I was referring to was the part of the service tip PDF you copied that has Infiniti usage chart and battery information. Here they are.

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We never program any non oem keys​.​Had many issues with them not working​.​Nissan has some SIR videos on programming keys, sir 181 and sir 154​.​They are worth buying​.​So are most of the other sirs they sell.I have most of them.

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Thanks for that. I rarely allow customers to bring their own, but I let them know ahead of time, that if it doesn't program, they still have to pay. I prefer to get mine from a reputable source, and it's usually american key supply. They list these fobs by application, so there's very little chance of screwing it up. americankeysupply​.​com/category/nissa…

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