Nissan TCM flash file unavailable

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2009 Nissan Cube S 1.8L (MR18DE)

I purchased my file to reflash/update the TCM. I am getting an error message “sorry, file not available C3_JTCMAccess to the path ‘T11FC9A​.​dat is denied.” 

I click the contact us link under help, but that seems dead. I don't know who to turn to regarding this. 

Anyone else having problems with downloading files from Nissan-techinfo today?

Jared Diagnostician
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I emailed Tweddle about my issue. They refunded me, said problem was fixed and to purchase again and attempt file download. I did that the next day. Same problem and error message. I reached back out to them and got no reply. I needed car fixed, so we said phewy on it and sent it do dealer to reflash. It has now been there for over a week, and has yet to be touched (or they are having same…

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