SCN coding not available on the XENTRY server

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2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK350 3.5L (272.963) 7-spd (722.9) — WDBWK56F26F096599

What repair are you unable to perform?

We are unable to SCN Code a factory new ETC, part number … The vehicle will not pass the California Smog check because of this issue. The vehicle owner is not able to use his vehicle until this issue is resolved. 

What information are you having trouble obtaining?

SCN coding string

What steps have you taken to obtain the information you need?

We attempted to SCN code where an error message no data available appeared

We opened a trouble ticket and submitted all the required information to: …

The response came back from: … :

You contacted us in the XSF ticket … with the following query:

XENTRY Diagnosis — Other Please enter the end customer complaint or the reason for performing the job (e.g. service measure) **** No SCN Coding data available Please describe the problem case and the steps you have undertaken up to now. **** All SCN coding steps were completed Is a fault message or a fault code displayed? If yes, please indicate this. **** No SCN coding data available

Support packages retrievable via ALOA: aloa​.​e​.​corpintra​.​net/aloa/portal/co…* ----- The process has been closed with the following feedback:

no response

(Optional) Any other comments or concerns?

We send an email to … asking for assistance. No response.

Using the following link:

If the feedback does not sufficiently answer your query, please submit the query again by creating a "Ticket copy" via the following link to the ticket: "xsf​.​i​.​daimler​.​com/support/arsys…"

We received the following response:

HTTP Status 403 – Forbidden

Type Status Report

Message Access to the requested resource has been denied

Description The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it.

Apache Tomcat/9.0.36

Donny Manager
Donny OEM Notification

Thank you for posting this Marc. I think there is a setup error on that. Not 100% positive but I sent it to our development team to review. I am pretty sure that all ALOA calls are no longer being used in NASTF SDRM. If we find there is a problem there I will follow up further with MB USA and give them the correct server calls. I also shared this post with our compliance contact at MB USA.

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Marvin Owner/Technician

Hello Marc. I can gladly assist you with this issue….. I know exactly how frustrating it is to deal with technical support from MBUSA. It's the worst!!! Call me at the shop and I will help you to get this conductor plate done. Marvin …

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Marc Owner/Technician

Thank you Marvin

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Donny Manager
Donny Resolution

MB USA reports that they have been working with Marc and have this issue resolved. I will close this pending any further information. Marc, if you have anything helpful to others to add please do.

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Marc Owner/Technician
Marc Update

SCN Coding was completed. Customer's car was ale to pass smog check and now he can drive it again. Thank you NASTF and Donny Seyfer for your assistance.

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