Programming Failure Work Around

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2002 BMW 325i 2.5L (M54) 5-spd (5HP-19)
Dme Fails To Update

So you’ve attempted a programming on an MS42 or MS43 DME and it failed. Now you have no communication to the DME. Are you boned???

Maybe not!!!

Give this procedure a shot...

Access the DME relay and verify the loss of ground

Apply a good ground to pin 4 of relay and verify B+ out of pin 2 at relay.

Attach battery charger, and with a volt meter, maintain approximately 13.5v. Lower than 13 or higher than 14 will cause the programming to abort.

It may take over 1 hour to fully complete the programming. If fails again, perform a battery disconnect overnight and try again. If it fails again, you can attempt to bench program the DME.

Hook up the DME as shown.

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