New webinar from Motor Age and AdvisorFix

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Do you know how to "Decode the New Auto Repair Consumer Mindset"? #JeremyONeal of #AdvisorFix has partnered with #MotorAge to explain it all in this fourth installment of his 2019 webinar series!


Mohammad Owner/Technician
Champaign, Illinois
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I could not go beyond the 38-second intro. Is this a free MotorAge type presentation or a pitch for a paid webinar?

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Pete Technician
Zephyrhills, Florida
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This is the fourth in a series that is offered on a Pay-Per-View basis. It also includes the opportunity to earn AMi credits!

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Oscar Service Manager
Claremont, California
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I've been coached by Jeremy O'Neal some time ago and still practice his techniques today.

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