Headlight warning chime

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2002 Audi TT Quattro 1.8L (T AMU) 5-spd (02M)
Headlight Warning Chime Continuously On

We have an '02 Audi TT that we had BBA do some repairs to the instrument cluster for typical cluster issues. Their work fixed the complaints however once we reinstalled the cluster we are getting a warning chime whenever the key is in the ignition and even while the vehicle is running. We also get a continuous warning chime when the headlights are tuned on and that continues with the engine running. The chime is a pulsed with the key and continuous with the lights as would be normal but they don't stop once the car is started. It's like the key is not recognized as being in the switch​.​ These are new issues and other wise everything in the cluster and car are working normally. There are no DTC in any modules and the coding in the cluster is correct. We thought to re-align the immobilizer with ODIS but it says everything matches. The car does start and run well. The cluster displays the "OK" symbol even with the lights on chime, chimming. Looking at the wiring there are no individual circuits for this so CAN is how the information is exchanged. The key just seems to use the antenna ring or KL15 to know the key is present. We have tried a battery reset and various fuctions in ODIS with no luck. It seems it might be the cluster but thought we would ask if anyone else has seen an issue as such. 


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Does the vehicle think a door is open? Do you have a terminal R line of data in a column module or central electrics?

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I will look at the switch(s) for the door but the interior light does go on and off with the door. Maybe there are more than one? Thank you for the good thoughts

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I looking at the wiring for the cluster we see that there is a wire from a key recognition micro switch on the ign. cyl. This yel/red wire goes through a fuse to pin 30 of the blue connector. We have power at this terminal when it should have. So it looks like a deeper issue inside the cluster or a corrrupt processor. The cluster has a date of 2003 so it has been replaced previously.

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