Pulse Sensors, an intro

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Today. Richard Falco will discuss pulse sensors. You will learn what a pulse sensor is and why it makes a great addition to your diagnostic arsenal. 

He will also be comparing a home made sensor built by our friend, Michael Nicholson, to a First Look sensor. 

We will be giving a few of these home made sensors away. Stay tuned to the end of the video for information on how to qualify. 

If you would like more info on the home made sensor, find Michael Nicholson on Facebook.

If you would like a First Look sensor, contact AES Wave and they can set you up

Please enjoy



Brian from Willoughby



If you are in the market to buy a genuine First Look Sensor you can find it here

The guys at Aeswave are top notch!


Robert from Pikine



Would like details on homemade. I'm teaching in West Africa and we cannot afford first look. No question, first look is a great tool. Thanks


Pj from Pleasant Hills



Hi Robert, I also built a first look style pulse sensor. There was a video on youtube that I used as a reference when making mine.