Gscan2 for use in Africa

Ross Owner/Technician Carleton Place, Ontario Posted   Latest  

Good Day Techs. A mission tech school that we are working with in Swaziland Africa is in need of a new scan tool . The Gscan2 has been recommended to them and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this tool. They work on mostly Asian vehicles platforms that we do not see here in Ontario. Thank you in advance for your help.

Chris Diagnostician
Commack, New York
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my only thought is are the protocols different from north American vehicles? Is there a selection for rest of world?

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Terry Diagnostician
Milton, Florida
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Ross, I had researched this tool you mentioned, and test drove it for a little bit. It’s the factory tool for both Kia and Hyundai platform vehicles. It has a built J—2534 device for program of said vehicles. It has a 4 channel lab scope. It a has a very in depth Asian scan tool. The Domestic and European side is not as good as the Asian side. I would most definitely recommend this tool. They

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Michael Owner/Technician
Russell Lea, Australia
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Hi guys we have just purchased one as our third tool. we have a very broad carpark here in Sydney. We have snap on versus edge auto land iscan 2. drewtech and ats e scan the scope on the g scan is v small but it is very powerful on Korean vehicles will have the new on in a week or so so any tests anyone wants me to do I will so far I have a seen any differences in protocol between USA and

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Jaxon Technical Support Specialist
Stafford Heights, Australia
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Ross, I have done some limited testing of South African Toyotas in Australia. Mainly the 200 and 70 series Lancruisers with the 1VD-FTV engine. During this testing, several unknown variants of ECM firmware and BCM firmware were encountered. Feedback from the engineers was to the effect that these were different to known Euro / US firmwares, and that these vehicles are modified by Toyota to

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Tyler Owner
Gilbert, South Carolina
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I've never used the tool, but everyone I've talked to that has is saying the same thing as here -- It is really, REALLY good on Asian automotive, especially Kia and Hyundai.

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Robert Educator
Pikine, Senegal
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Ross, I am working in Senegal West Africa. We have cars from all around the world, India, Europe, USA, Indonesia, China, Korea, South Africa and much more. We are a mission school that is training mechanics. We are currently using a Snap-on Verus 17.2 and a Autel Maxisys Elite. Using the Autel scope but would love to get a Pico. Just put in a two post lift so it is not in the budget. The Autel

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Brendan Mechanic
Browns Plains, Australia
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Gscan2 is very strong in Asian vehicles, for this reason it is one of the most popular tools here in Australia. The Australian distributor - mount auto equipment - is very good whenever a software bug is found by a tech - the shop can take a log on the tool, send it to mount, they then send this to GIT Korea (tool manufacturer) and a patch is sent out most of the time within the day. This kind

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