Equipment and Tool Institute ADAS Survey for Repair Shops

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In an effort to bring you new and improved information access solutions, Diagnostic Network is working with The Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) and The Martec Group, a market research company, have developed a market research survey that we would like you to take. Currently, ETI is surveying the automotive repair market to find out what information resources technicians are using in the repair of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and how they are using the information. ETI will use this research to help all segments of the automotive industry provide aftermarket shops with better information solutions.

This survey should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will be kept confidential. In fact, the survey results go directly to the Martec Group, where they will be consolidated into reports for ETI. When you complete the survey, you may enter a drawing for one of (10) - $50 Amazon gift cards!

To begin the survey, simply click on the link or copy the entire URL into your Internet browser:


The survey will be available to Diagnostic Network subscribers after it’s been presented at ETI’s Tool Tech event which will take place the first week of May. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Rudman, The Martec Group, at …

Founded in 1947, the Equipment and Tool Institute is a trade association of automotive tool and equipment manufacturers and technical information providers. ETI’s mission is to: advance the vehicle service industry by providing technical data and open dialog between the manufacturers of transportation products, government regulators and the providers of tools, equipment and service information. ETI will use this research to help the collision repair equipment manufacturers provide you and your shop with better products. Thank you for your participation.


Bob Owner/Technician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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Is this survey intended for body shops only?

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Rick Manager
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Rick Default

It is for any shop that has to repair, replace recalibrate or tinker with an ADAS system.

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Scott Owner
Langley, British Columbia
Scott Default

There are a few questions that refer specifically to body techs and body repairs that can not be answered correctly from a mechanical shop perspective. Question 15 was also a challenge as it required an answer: "15. Do you participate in a certified collision repair shop program from an OEM? (Select all that apply)" In my case none applied. I had to pick one to move to the next step.

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Rick Manager
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Rick Default

Thanks for the feedback. We want to improve our surveys as we go forward.

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Sam Mobile Technician
Flint, Michigan
Sam Default

It is very apparent this is geared towards body shops. Several questions how many body techs. 0 for me. square footage of shop 0 for me. mobile guy. I would love to help with this survey. I would also like to answer truthfully. I did not get past the 2 questions as I could not answer them. no choice.

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