A form for dealing with customers who have aftermarket warranties

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This is a form that I created some time ago, to all members here you have my permission to copy and use at your discretion. Modify it as you require. It is written in NOTE PAD so the paragraphs might not align correctly.

I've placed it as a Tech Tip as to reach as many people as possible,sorry for any confusion as there is no category for "Information".


At …s Automotive Repair,we are pleased to apply your extended warranty/service contract ("Warranty Company")coverage towards necessary repairs on your vehicle.

After obtaining your authorization for any possible up-front charges that you may be responsible for, we will diagnose the concern that your vehicle was brought in for and estimate the investment required to correct those concerns. We will then contact the Warranty Company and give them a complete breakdown of the estimate,doing everything possible to gain full payment from the Warranty Company.

We will endeavor to keep you fully informed of where we are in the process with the Warranty Company. Please understand that involving a third party into the repair process may substantially delay the completion of your vehicle.

The Warranty Company may elect to exclude certain repairs depending on what they feel their responsibility is in the repair of your vehicle. These exclusions could include diagnostic testing,environmental charges, shop supplies,sublet items,towing,fluids,parts and or labor charges​.​ You will be responsible for any charges not covered by the Warranty Company,and you will be informed of these exclusions prior to our proceeding with repairs.

At times, a Warranty Company may specify a repair which,in our professional opinion,compromises the quality of our work or the safety of the vehicle​.​ This could include the use of salvage or used parts, or parts of unknown quality which we would not normally use.

For all of the reasons above we are offering you a choice of the repair options listed below.

1. You instruct us to follow the recommendations of the Warranty Company, realizing that there could be serious consequences such as no warranty for the repairs performed and possibly another failure. I accept______________. I decline_____________(ONE SIGNATURE REQUIRED)

2. You would appreciate our contacting you with the Warranty Company's authorized repairs,providing you with all options,and making our recommendations regarding,in our opinion,any upgrade repairs that may be required and any responsibilities you have in the repairs including any extra investment required by you. I accept______________. I decline_____________(ONE SIGNATURE REQUIRED)

Your options for payment are as follows:

1. I would like you to release my vehicle to me after the Warranty Company and I have paid our respective portions in full. I realize that this may effect my ability to receive my vehicle in a timely manner. I accept______________. I decline_____________(ONE SIGNATURE REQUIRED)

2. I elect to pay you in full and have the Warranty Company reimburse me directly for the authorized repairs, which will aid in delivering my vehicle in as timely a manner as possible. I accept______________. I decline_____________(ONE SIGNATURE REQUIRED)

This agreement is designed to make the process of dealing with your Warranty Company as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the high quality repairs and excellent customer service you are accustomed to when dealing with …s Automotive Repair. Thank you!

Customer signature__________________________________Dated_______________Repair Order Number________________

Vehicle Identification Number________________________________


Randy Curriculum Developer
North Carolina

That's an excellent way to not only inform but also document the process. When I owned a shop we had something similar and made the comparison to Insurance payment vs. copay. Really good job on this one. Thanks....

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Samuel Technician
New Jersey

This is an awesome form and I particularly prefer option #2! From a shop owner's perspective, aftermarket warranty companies can be a supreme hassle and the extra time I have spent on the phone working with them, I DO NOT get paid for. I can remember the customer getting their car back and me "hoping" that the warranty company would keep their word. Great form but I try to stay away from these…

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Chris Diagnostician

I completely agree that it can be a hassle at times. Some times multiple phone calls, email and faxes taking some times 2 plus hours. Im curious if people are charging a extra fee or anything for dealing with these. We don't stay away because usually they are good jobs and we do about one a week. But at times when we are busy it is hard for the service writer to find time to sit on the phone for…

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