Technician needed in Salt Lake City, UT

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Like everyone else we need a tech(s)

Difference is Im not an employer with a job ad shrouded in mystery. Im an employee looking to fill the holes(Im also the Foreman)

So straight to the deets:

Pay rate is $25-$45 an hour. 

$25 is typically reserved for first year, little to no experience technicians. $45 is typically for senior level A and B technicians. You'll have to negotiate accordingly. ASEs are not required to get in, however you are expected to obtain them at some point.

This job is somewhat production based, however you are guaranteed a minimum 30 hours a week in pay. Ive never seen any but the most inexperienced guys get paid the minimum guarantee.



1 hour lunch.

benefits, PTO, paid holidays, yadda yadda yadda.

As a tech here, I think its a good shop(its 1 of 5 shops) The writers are good guys, customers are willing buyers(our diag fee is $199 and often times higher, and I have very rarely seen a customer decline) and you can make good money here if you know what you're doing.

I handle all of the diagnostics, more out of necessity than by design. So you can jump into diags here if you like, or just bang out the work we have lined up.

Now if youre out of state,I dont know if they are offering any relocation assistance or not, I can ask if you're interested.

Cost of living here aint cheap. Rents are high, homes are expensive. but its cheaper than other metropolitan areas and the weather isn't too bad.

HMU if interested, or know someone who might be.

Leon Owner/Technician

Edited. Didn’t see what I was looking for.

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Doh- sorry Leon Probably the most important part

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Business name is a mystery :)

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Hans Technician

I had no idea you were in slc too! I just started at a new shop this week myself but I’ll keep my ears open.

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