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Hi Everyone:

I wasn't sure which category to place this post so, my apologies if it didn't land in the correct spot. Our company website was recently updated: quartotechservices​.​com

Many of those in the industry (engineering and service) had difficulty finding the company and the information they needed. I think the update provides significantly more content and medium. We welcome any constructive feedback as we continue the final tweaks.

Thanks in advance!


Stephen Educator
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I will provide a link on my website, autoednet​.​com under training.

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Eric Owner/Technician
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Hi Mark Since I'm a web designer/builder I'll probably be a bit pickier than most :-) These can be changed with simple adjustments in the style sheet so it shouldn't be a big deal. I'm viewing your site on a current model 9 inch iPad. The font for the navigation bar is too light, hard to see, and too small. The logo and text in your header box is also slightly too small. The margin on the…

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Benjamin Technician
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Dr. Quarto- I believe the contact page may be broken. Was attempting to send you a note, but it says the note area needs something. Not sure if too much text, too little? -Ben

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Dr. Engineer
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Hi Ben: I'll have the web tech support team look at the page to see what's happening. Thanks for reviewing the site and the feedback! Mark

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