Upcoming Webinar: Advanced Closing Skills for Selling Complex Diagnostic Service Solutions!

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Many consumers believe repair and collision shops should be able to plug in and solve any diagnostic concern with the push of button.

Resolving complex drivability and computer related concerns on the modern-day vehicle can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned technician. Properly charging the customer to remain profitable is even harder. The most critical part of profitability for a repair shop is ensuring every segment of time is billed out and collected for every vehicle at the proper rate.

Learn how to educate your customer AND get paid what the job is worth by registering for this special …presentation!

Register at ubmadvanstar​.​hs-sites​.​com/register-for-j…


Brin Diagnostician
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This will be good Pete! Thanks for sharing!

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Jaime Diagnostician
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I'll be advertising this to a lot of my customers (shop owners)!

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