Iscan 3 Platinum

Vic Owner/Technician Castroville, California Posted   Latest  

Selling my Iscan 3 Platinum. The tool works great, still has 2 years of updates and warranty. It is in like new condition. It will ship with all the adapters and case. $6000 shipped

Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
Michael Default

Hey Vic, Why do you want to sell such a powerful tool? Mazda and Ford Programming, Great Land Rover abilities, Mercedes SCN coding for transmissions. For us it is an essential tool. Granted not always the first choice but we use it frequently.

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Elias Owner/Technician
Poway, California
Elias Default

Id love to know why as well as I was thinking about purchasing as well!

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Vic Owner/Technician
Castroville, California
Vic Default

The reason I am selling it is I am getting out of the automotive field. I am just plain tired and getting rid of all the tools slowly. This is an awesome tool, that is the reason I purchased it.

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