In cylinder pressure testing 101

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Can someone kindly point me to a good resource for in cylinder pressure testing? I’m new to it and I’m keen to get in to it. I have read a fair bit but most of the stuff I’ve found isn’t very well presented and is a bit all over the place. 

Unfortunately I recently missed Brandon Steckler‘s master class on the subject in Glasgow. 

Thanks in advance. 

Dmitriy Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
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Adam, have you checked these articles already? diag​.​net/msg/m192uy2nra…

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Justin Owner/Technician
Bloomfield, Indiana
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John Thornton has a great book on it.

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Josh Technician
Lynchburg, Virginia
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I haven’t read the book but there is a class on a flash drive I got from aeswave That is pretty good

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Brandon Diagnostician
Reading , Pennsylvania
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Adam, I will be returning to UK however we do not have a date set yet. Here is a great resource, to hold you over: automotivetestsolutions​.​com/all-ats-articl…

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Dan Technician
Palatine, Illinois
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John Thornton also has a training video on it, it’s a little older of a video but a ton of information, parts of it are on YouTube. But its also in the Bosch/avi training videos

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Adam Owner/Technician
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Adam Update

Thanks all. Bedtime reading sorted 👍🏻

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Sean Diagnostician
Regina, Saskatchewan
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Take a look at these 2 videos from automotive seminars automotiveseminars​.​com/onlinetraining… Also a quick search on the TST site tstseminars​.​org/CatalogueRetri… tstseminars​.​org/CatalogueRetri… tstseminars​.​org/CatalogueRetri… I've viewed all of these and they are excellent training material.

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Robert Owner/Technician
Scunthorpe, United Kingdom
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Hi Adam, Not sure if you know but Ryan at Elite Diagnostic Solutions is the organiser for Brandons UK tour there are still places available on the Scotland leg, I'm going to the one in the NW, the link to booking is here; elite-diagnostic-solutions​.​com/collections/pr… Cheers Rob

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Adam Owner/Technician
Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Thanks Robert. Yes, I’m already booked up 👍

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