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Autonomous Vehicles
2012 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T 2.0L (B) 6-spd (A6LF2)

Please can someone help me ... I changed Ecm with used one on sonata 2012 with vin 5NPEC4AB7CH461630.. I try to write the vin it was not working so I neutralize Ecm and program the key to the new Ecm still cannot start but I can see key learn was successful.. this are Ecm numbers i can’t tell if they not compatible the original car Ecm is the second one: tools that I hve .. autel elite. Ikey820 and lonsdor

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Waukegan, Illinois
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Use Ktag or CMD they can read tricore based processor and clone ecm

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Benjamin Owner/Technician
Accra, Ghana
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sorry For late respons,hv u solve ur issu if not contact me​.​hv done that several times,u can get me on Skype personall​.​id benjamin…

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