2014 BMW 320i Radio logo stuck

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2014 BMW 320i 2.0L (N20B20A) 8-spd (GA8HP45Z) — WBA3B1G51ENS79500
Radio Stuck On Bmw Logo

2014 BMW 320i came in this morning for Radio stuck on BMW Logo. Vehicle seemed to have a low battery and may have caused an issue with the radio during starting. First thought was to reset the radio as I have seen this similar issues many times on GM vehicles that it was described as a software anomaly. Well, any attempt to reset the radio with a scan tool or battery disconnect didn't do anything. Even hard reset with the Radio didn't work. Still stuck on logo.

I took to Google in search of an answer and found many people had the head unit replaced. I couldn't get a straight answer to what the concern was or why the head unit had to be replaced.

So before I jump on the train and purchased another radio for the customer, I decided to try the Autel and reprogram the radio. After almost an hour of programming, I happy to inform the customer that the radio is working again and did not need to be replaced.

I hope this may help others.

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Good Job, had a similar problem, opus could not help at all, said take to dealer for an expensive try with no guarantee of repair-dealer wanted $390 just to program and then go from there, autel is by far the only one I know that has worked, also have an outfit in Texas that can fix that problem for about $450 or so + shipping, beats new radio from dealer with programming for $1900 or so….

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Good job - as we see quite a few BMW and Mini (same thing, more or less) I can confirm that before replacing parts due to ‘software’ problems like light issues, radio but way more then that… alway try to recode/program the module if you have the likes of an Autel. A lot of time it is just ‘stuck’ software or corrupted. This is not the same as ‘remove the battery’ or ‘remove the fuse’ which only…

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Just a heads up…..there are some new very low cost tools/software out there that will allow you to code BMWs. I think its Bimmergeeks. I have it….works great on cheap Amazon tablet. That said…..one of the coding options available is to change the boot up screen from like ‘BMW’ to the ‘BMW M3 Sport’ screen on the 2014 and newer BMWs with NBT module. It would be very easy for a novice to try…

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