2011 BMW X6 xDrive35i 3.0L p0306 under load

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2011 BMW X6 xDrive35i 3.0L (N55B30A) 8-spd (GA8HP45Z)
P0306 — Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected

The customer had replace his spark plugs and coils in an attempt to fix the issue. not luck, then the vehicle sat for 7 months. The vehicle arrived at our facility on a towing truck​.​the vehicle can hardly move. After a visual inspection I noticed a puddle of water in the area of coil and injector 5 and 6. I removed both coils for a visual inspection and noticed both coils were rusted, submerged in water. I clean out the water and replace both coils and spark plugs. The vehicle idle good but will feel an intermittent misfire. at idle, I then took it for a drive and noticed that the cel started flashing during a WOT. At this point I read the codes. As a quick swap I exchanged coil and plug from cylinder 6 to 5. The problem continue on 6. I scope the current for the coil and injector both on at idle looks good but the injector will get disable while WOT. at this point the Misfire becomes continuously. I restart the vehicle and all is normal again. Then i swap the injector from 6 to 5. the problem continues on cyl 6. I also conducted an in cylinder waveform unfortunately did not save it but I remember cranking 180 PSI, Running 75PSI. I will attach some scan data and some waveform any Help will be a step forward.

Let me know if any additional information is needed, new to the team I will learn as i move forward. Thank you

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bad gas maybe

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As a matter of fact customer did mention not putting premium gas. However, I've personally have not seen wrong fuel affect one specific cylinder. But will keep in my thanks

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