Oil life reset simple ?

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Snapon Zeus
2014 Cadillac CTS Luxury 2.0L (X LTG) 6-spd (6L45) — 1G6AX5SX6E0190517
Oil Life Reset Failure

This caddy would not reset switch on engine off , procedure would execute engine running finishing reset . Suspect tool related but did not attempt with gds or another device , only the zeus . No com issues just reset fail engine off . Methods for manual reset also attempted to no avail .

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Doug..if you can't reset it manually then i would say it an issue with the software in the pcm not the scantool. Did you try to reflash the module? I have had this happen to me awhile ago and that is what took care of it for me.

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Doug Diagnostician
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No I did not , thanks for the heads up . Haven't experienced this on other GM models , so just figured an after market tooling issue with Cadillac . So just moved on once rest finished , will look into any possible updates for vehicle . Tried both manual reset procedures accelerator 3 times to floor , and through cluster reset procedure . Other tech who normally does oil changes on this one …

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