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2012 Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4L (H EAF) 5-spd
No Crank / No Start

Hey guys brought this car in for a simple shifter cable change. Removed the battery and battery box to access the shifter cable. Removed necessary dash panels to access the shifter assembly and cable. Installed new cable, reinstalled all parts, reconnected PCM and battery. 

Now I have no start issue. Checked shifter position — definitely in park. Hooked up Snap-on Apollo D8 scanner, have no communication with the computer. Checked all wires, grounds, and fuses … all check out fine. 

I'm at a loss here. I drove the car in, what did I do wrong? Any advice would be great.

Glenn Owner/Technician

Hi Barry, Go back through the work performed without assuming everything was done correctly, be critical. (Treat it like you have never seen this car before, clear your mind). The battery, battery box and associated harness are suspect in my opinion. Did you verify it had communication to begin with? That problem indicates a power or ground loss. Check the DLC to verify where the loss is…

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Jose Technician

hey there , Infiniti here , does the vehicle has sunroof ?/ check bcm conector , while having the scaner plug in move around conectors , other option will be check every conector or model you disconect trust me ul find something missing

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Allan Owner

I’d bet on loose connector, ground, bent pin , broken wire from moving the harnesses around the battery. I doubt anything in the dash would cause that. I pass through Orange often with a van load of OE scan tools if you ever need any programming.

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Ray Diagnostician

About a year ago, I went to a shop that had replaced the shifter cable and it was then a no crank. no communication. The DLC pin 6 or 14 had 0 volts and when I connected a test light between the battery positive terminal to the DLC pin with the 0 volts, the test light was lit. When they installed the center console, a part of the harness was pinched under the center console.

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Oscar Diagnostician

“reconnected PCM and battery.” If I were you I will re-inspect te connection at the PCM. Make sure it’s connected properly.

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Caleb Diagnostician

What computer do you have no comm with?? The car has many computers. Start by doing normal no comm diag on the no comm module. Powers, grds, wakeup, 5v,CAN etc. That will lead you too the issue.

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Justin Technician

Any other modules have loss of communication codes against pcm ?? What pins did you check at pcm ? What is termination resistance ??

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Barry Mechanic
Barry Resolution

Hey guys thanks for all the info turns out I'm dumb and pinched a wiring harness under the center console when I installed the shifter cable yep flattend 9 wires so after some soldering problem fixed again thanks to all for the info

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