Bookmarks, invites, and other improvements (Version 2.3)

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We've just released version 2.3 of Diagnostic Network, which contains the following improvements:


You can now view your bookmarked messages via the message stream filter menu

When you're viewing your bookmarked messages, we show your newest bookmarks first, and you'll see a blue bookmark icon in the stream title. Just like any other view of the message stream, you can filter your bookmarks by message type, topics/groups, vehicle make, and even keyword searches. 

To bookmark a message, just toggle the "Bookmark" button at the top of the discussion. You'll also receive notifications for any new activity in the discussion. In addition, when viewing any message stream, you'll know if you've bookmarked the discussion because it will show the bookmark icon on the right side.


You can now invite colleagues to join Diagnostic Network by choosing the "Invite" option on the profile menu, and supplying their email addresses. We will only use these email addresses to send them an invitation, nothing else.

If you are a manager of any user groups, you will have the option to invite new or existing members to join your user groups. You can search for existing members by name. We also have an invite button on user profile pages and user group details pages for this purpose. Thank you for your help spreading the word about DN!

Improved "New Replies" Indicator

On the message stream, we've always highlighted the reply count in green when new messages have come in since you last viewed the discussion. Now we've improved that to only show you the count of new replies since your last visit, not the total reply count of the discussion.

Miscellaneous Improvements & Bug Fixes

The user groups page should load more quickly now. Fixed some issues in how we handle vector images and documents, like Adobe Illustrator files. And as usual, a lot of smaller UI improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy this release. If you're interested, here are the previous release notes (v2.1).

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I'm happy to see the bookmark function.

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