Embedded Videos, Documents & Link Previews (Version 1.0.7)

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Hi everyone,

We've just updated our platform to support rich link previews for embedded videos, documents, and more. This should make sharing links and videos on DN much more enjoyable for everyone. And any previous messages posted to the network with links will have these previews added as well.

Embedded Videos, Documents & Link Previews

Links and URLs from most popular sites that are included in messages posted to … will now automatically have "link previews" displayed below the paragraph they are in. If you weren't aware already, you do not need to do anything special to post a link... just paste a URL into your message, and we'll link it up for you, and now we'll embed a nice preview as well. 

The preview will usually show the title of the page, a brief description of the page (or excerpt from it), and an image from the page. For example, here's a link to a Wikipedia article: en​.​wikipedia​.​org/wiki/History_o…

If the link is to a video on any of the popular video providers (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc), then the video you're linking to will be embedded directly into your message. Here's an example YouTube video. Note that I linked directly to 1 minute 24 seconds into this video, by adding ?t=1m24s to the YouTube URL: youtu​.​be/Qbo9mGAFkqc?t…

Links to external document providers (such as Google Docs) can also show documents embedded directly in messages. Here's a link to a PDF provided by IIHS: iihs​.​org/media/46bf2db1…​.​pdf


  • At this time, link previews are not shown while composing your message. They will show up when viewing your message after it's been posted.
  • If the site you're linking to doesn't provide rich previews, then there will not be any preview shown within your message, in which case only the original link will be shown (i.e. what was normal behavior prior to today).
  • On Chrome on macOS, embedded videos cannot be played in full screen mode at this time. Workaround: use Firefox or Safari browser on macOS, or click the link to view the video on the third party site, and then click the full screen button. We'll keep looking into a proper fix.

Other Bugfixes

  • Fixed timestamps on replies, so that those on mobile devices can long-press to copy the link. On desktop, you can continue to right-click on a reply's timestamp to copy a link directly to that reply.
  • Fixed an issue with the reply form not being indented to the proper level.
  • Fixed the display of the posting buttons on small devices.
  • Fixed an issue where rich text pasted into the posting form would sometimes lose some of the formatting related to paragraph breaks.

We hope you enjoy this release. If you have any questions or comments, please email or reply here. If you're interested, here are our previous release notes (v1.0.6).


Bob from East Longmeadow




I'm still experiencing an annoying issue. When I click on an image it appears larger than my screen. The only way I can see the whole picture is to use the browser zoom settings and reduce the zoom level until the whole picture comes into view.

I'm using a windows 7 laptop as I write this and it's exhibiting the problem. I experience it other platforms also.

On my android phone If I view the picture in portrait mode I see the whole thing but if I turn the phone to landscape mode, some of the picture is cut off. If I open the jpg in a new tab then I can see the whole picture in both portrait and landscape mode.



Tom from Claremont



I'm aware of an issue with files of a certain size not being drawn to the right scale in some browsers, but let me collect a bit more info from you if you don't mind:

  1. Does it happen on every image you view? If not, can you give me an example photo that it happens on, and one that it doesn't?
  2. Does it happen when your browser zoom level is reset to zero (usually by hitting CTRL+0).

Bob from East Longmeadow



Hi Tom,

It happens on every picture and on different machines. I'm on my home computer right now which is windows 10 and it does the same thing. When I look at the thumbnail I can see the whole picture but when I click on it the picture is truncated and there is no way to pan or resize it. I'm attaching a couple examples of what I see when I open the jpg. I just did a screenshot.

I can't be the only one experiencing this right?


Tom from Claremont



We were aware of an issue that we could reproduce on some images, but now that I see your screenshots, it does provide additional clues that will help us reproduce it (basically, it appears to be more of an issue on screens with wide aspect ratios). Thanks for the extra info!


Tom from Claremont



FYI we just rolled out a fix for this annoying bug... images should be completely viewable now no matter what size or aspect ratio your browser is in. 

Also, you can now use the left/right arrow keys to quickly scroll through the images. (Escape will still close the file viewer like before.)