ODIS is currently down

Keith Diagnostician Collinsville, Oklahoma Posted   Latest   Edited  

******UPDATE *****


Received moments ago....

"Hello VWGoA Independent Repair Facilities,

ODIS is currently unavailable and will present the below error message when you attempt to logon. We are working on the issue and will keep you advised."


Chuck Mechanic
Sylvania, Georgia
Chuck Default

Thanks, thought my sub had timed out.

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Chris Owner/Technician
Martinsville, New Jersey
Chris Default

Anybody know if it’s back up yet? I didn’t get an email like I usually do but can’t believe they haven’t resolved issue yet

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Julio Owner/Technician
Laurel, Maryland
Julio Default

Still down

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Keith Diagnostician
Collinsville, Oklahoma
Keith Default

UPDATE They sent me a unique alternative login to use, the login is not to be shared, and will not work for programming, coding, or theft functions. At this point its better than nothing.

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