What is the future of LSID?

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Hello all I had a few questions in regards to the future of needing a LSID. This all came about when I told him he should get it as we had a Mercedes that needs some security parts. I had also told him that I have seen some people say that you need a LSID to program the air bag module on some newer Fords. So my question is do you see more makes in the future going towards needing a LSID for some repairs? Will more makes start doing what Mercedes does and with hold some parts with out a LSID? I am just trying to get some more info on this to try to propose to my boss.

Thanks Chris

Brin Diagnostician
Melbourne, Florida
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The need will only increase with time. Having security credentials is already a necessity for some while others might be able to go without for a few more years.

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Scott Owner/Technician
Brantford, Ontario
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If we look at what’s coming down the pipe, There is know question, if you are going to work on electronics in modern automobiles Lsid is just going to be like a 14 mm wrench . Most shops don’t see enough to do flashing in a timely manner .With the changes to the oe servers and such , our jobs are only going to be more difficult. I guess the question is are you all in or out.

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Joe Manager
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Chris, The VSC (Vehicle security credential) formally the LSID is being required more and more . You have mentioned the Mercedes theft related parts requirement and yes newer Fords, starting in 2015 with the F150 require the VSC for key registration and some programming events. The OEM are starting to require it more and more. Most OEMs offer a security professionals version of software which

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Michael Mobile Technician
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Hi Chris, Sounds to me like the OEMs have created a great opportunity for the aftermarket. We are already seeing the reaction to the secure gateway with bypass cables. Hopefully more solutions will be developed for the professional market to do their jobs without the tether of big brother watching their every move. Not sure about buying security related parts.

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William Owner/Technician
Surrey, British Columbia
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Yes it is the future. Most manufacturers will go to requiring LSID/Vehicle Security Professional creds for numerous reasons. I can't speak for Mexico but I do know it's required in the US and Canada at this time for Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler and many other manufacturers.

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Chris Technician
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I had a feelings that this was going to be the case I just need to relay the info!

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Michael Diagnostician
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As of today its a must have if you want to be able to fix anything that is currently on the lots. Unfortunately with technology increasing rapidly all manufacturers are going to a more secured network where aftermarket tools may not cut it anymore and credentials will become even more important if you plan on being able to program replacement modules and actually have the car run afterwards.

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Ben Analyst
Warren, Michigan
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Here is more details about what Joe Hyde was talking about. Click on this link to take you to what is called SDRM to apply for VSC sdrm​.​nastfsecurityregistry​.​org/login

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