intermittent No cranks for some minutes

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2008 Hummer H3 3.7L (E) 4-spd (4L60-E)
Engine Not Cranks
No Fault Code

Car works normally but sometimes I come to start ,engine not cranks and the security light begin flashes,if I try to start after some minutes engine start normally.

plz any help

Andy Diagnostician
DeMotte, Indiana
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Have you scanned it for DTC's? Not just PCM, but also BCM

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Brian Diagnostician
Seneca, South Carolina
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It helps those who help you if you will include a complete scan of the vehicle with each help request.

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Caleb Technician
Mishawaka, Indiana
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These are really bad about water intrusion from plugged sunroof drains into the BCM causing this issue and many others. However I agree, some testing needs to be done. At least a code scan would be a great start.

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