2013 Lexus LS460 Motor Mounts

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2013 Lexus LS460 4.6L (1UR-FSE) 8-spd (AA80E)

I have a question for anyone who has been in my situation. The other day a 2013 Lexus Ls460 came into my shop with a rough idle. Come to discover that the right side hydraulic mount has failed and lost it's fluid. Long story short, the mount itself pays 12.7 for each side, but removing it from the vehicle seems impossible. The lower studs are simple, just 17 mm nuts that I had off in just a second or two, but even getting access to the 17mm nuts on top of the mount is creating a multitude of issues. I also found that some people are saying that the engine has to come out.. After looking at this vehicle for a hour and trying different extensions, etc... I have come to the conclusion that I need to hang the motor from above, and drop the front cradle. Then lower the engine downward, just enough to clear the length of the motor mount studs..

The other issue is the top of the engine, isn't really "hangable" as far are decent places to connect a hanger and suspend the engine.

Anyone else dealt with this, or have any ideas? I even thought about removing the exhaust manifolds, but that TOO requires the engine to be removed...

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I have never worked on this model but Have you read the service manual for engine removal? The engine appears to comes out the bottom. could you just use a tranny jack and lower everything down enough to remove the mounts without the extra work? I have noticed that sometimes we look for easier ways and spend more time trying to make it easier than it would take to do it the way the dealer…

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Avery, what does the procedure in AllData say to do?

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