2004 Honda CRV

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Crank / No Start
No Communi

Hi all, I was called to do the immobilizer keys on this used ECM. I did not diagnose the vehicle, I was contracted to make it start, which I did.

Only one key available no biggee

Did the immobilizer, vehicle starts and runs well. 

The customer took the vehicle for 2 days

then had it towed back as a no start.

I did not diagnose it originally but verified it as a no start, no communication,immo light flashing A used module was sourced and then I became involved. 

Did my thing now its broke again 

This thing is holding all the injectors on and has every indication of it being another bad module.

My question is: what on the input or output side could render this thing as a no start,no comm. after 2 days of driving?

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Tim Technician

Check for something sending power into the processor. I have had 2 Hondas of that vintage with antitheft transceiver rings that failed and sent 12 volts into the pcm killing it. Each took several key cycles to do it. What I did to find it was before I installed a replacement module I turned the key on and went pin by pin through the PCM connectors measuring voltage and comparing it to a pin…

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Todd Mobile Technician

Thanks Tim, that is incredibly helpful. I was sorta looking for a silver bullet in this case as " it's an 04 CRV and all the money has been soent" scenario

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Dave Technician
New Hampshire

Have you checked G101? I think that grounds the PCM. IIRC it’s under the injector cover

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