Ac compressor not turning on ?

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2014 Volkswagen Beetle 1.8L (CPKA) 5-spd (0A4)

I have this 2014 Vw new beetle and the ac compressor isn’t Turning on . No codes in the module . It is a manual ac . The high pressure sensor pid is 6 bar . the module has all power and grounds . but still not engaging what am I missing . Also can’t seem to register on the Vw site for service info 


Craig from Commack



Hello Adrean On Erwin take a look at the pic attached, Select the my Erwin tab and click registration.

On the A/C what scan tool are you using and can you see the A/C shut off codes or compressor torque? Ac Shut off Codes will have a number and the valve I have listed below.

0 - no ac shut off Compressor should be running

1 - Excessive refrigerant pressure To much R134a or faulty high pressure switch

2 - Cooling fan fault Possible faulty fan or power supply to fan

3 - Refrigerant pressure to low Check R134a quantity, possible leak

5 - No engine speed detected Start engine/check engine speed live data

6 - Econ button depressed Switch of econ button

7 - Air conditioning off No blower speed selected

8 - Outside air temp to low Below 2.5 degrees, check live data

10 – low voltage Vehicle voltage below 9.5 volts

11 – Engine temperature too high Temp above 118 degrees, Temp sender fault

12 - Engine control unit Off ECU turned off, check engine faults

13 – High Voltage Vehicle voltage over 16 volts

15 - Coding incorrect Check engine and ac coding if correct

16 - Compressor activation issue Check wiring to compressor

17 – Pressure sensor fault Checking pressure sensor and wiring

18 – Speed switched off Engine Rpm over 3000 and vehicle speed below 10 mph

19- Electronic central electrics off Check for faults in electronic central electrics

20 – Output test Exit output test mode


Adrean from Bakersfield



Thank you on mobile it wasn’t allowing me to click on that link


Adrean from Bakersfield



Thanks Craig I have the shift off code 7 but the speed for the blower works 


Adrean from Bakersfield



Thanks for the information Craig . That was the direction I needed . Thanks for sharing your knowledge 


Adrean from Bakersfield



I was using a snap on and no type of pid for shut off code . Used my autel and it was there 


Kai from Chicago


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There data will be there on your Snap On scan tool if you switch to Expert Mode