U2002-96 Ford Fusion 2013

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2013 Ford Fusion SE 1.6L (R) 6-spd
Parking Brake Light On Dash

This vehicle has new parking brake caliper and parking brake switch.

It keeps setting this code after performing reset function or maybe I mean functional test apply and release automatic systems test with scan tool, and manually also tried to reset system with that whole apply and release 3 times procedure.

I am about to disassemble and check wiring as long as there is nothing else anybody can think of as far as resets….

code definition is parking brake switch internal failure.

the parking brake oddly enough works fine.

just light on the dash with corresponding code in ABS module.

Chris Technical Support Specialist
New York

Bench test the switch, test the wiring. details for Testing this DTC should be listed in the service information under parking brake

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Robert Technician

Sounds like its reset if the EPB and maintenance mode has been deactivated how did it code … 3 times you mean ;KOEO hold gas pedal down procedure and holding the EPB switch up position then turning key off for 5 seconds or whatever & when completed its applied and release the EPB returning to the proper gap

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