Mercedes c250 p0016

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2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Sport 1.8L (271.860) 7-spd (722.9)—WDDGF4HB2CR230056
P0016 - Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A
Intermittent Rough Idle

Vehicle came in with exhaust and intake cam correlation codes. We removed the valve cover and cams were obviously out of time. Replaced cam gears, oil control valves, tensioner, chain and guide rail. All codes but p0016 cleared out. Observing cam pids with Autologic show intake going in and out of spec. Which in turn is causing the rough idle. Swapped cam sensors, cam phasers and pulled valve cover off to verify timing is correct. Autologic tech assist said the cam sensor rotor plate could rotate but the info he sent does not match my engine. The rotor plate is a machined part of the camshaft casting and not a separate plate. I've spun the motor numerous times and my marks line up perfectly. Vehicle runs like a bmw with a clogged vanos solenoid. Wonder if I'm losing oil pressure somewhere? Any help would be appreciated. 

Raymond Diagnostician
Phoenix, Arizona
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I have seen the Cam being off one tooth cause this, an engine i did a few weeks ago had this code and updating the engine software fixed it. i have the factory tool. i'm not sure if autologic should be able to do this. i tried this right before disassembly to confirm timing and it fixed it.

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JB Owner/Technician
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How did the inside of the engine look when you went to do the chain/phasers? Did you open up the phasers to check for debris? Were the solenoids replaced with the chain job? What is your base oil pressure with the engine fully hot? Need some more data on what you’ve checked so we can give you a good direction :)

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Terry Diagnostician
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Brian, do you have access to a labscope? If so, I would do a relative compression test using a good amp probe. See if slightly low cylinders are on one bank. Most likely they are. Next scope both head cam sensors and crank sensor. look for leading edge to be of. the cam sensors should be a square wave and the crank should be an inductive type. P0016 ( correlation) can be cause be timing off by…

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George Owner/Technician
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Hi , ive seen this many times, carry out software update on engine ecu . George

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Anura Educator
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Hi Brian, Please see the correct timing marks and processes to fallow, as I can see the cam timing marks are different than "arrow to arrow" aligning. Hope this would help to eliminate any doubt about timing before jumping in to other areas. Cheers, Anura

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Bill Owner
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bobistheoilguy​.​com/forums/threads… check out that post. Those marks are critical

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Brian Owner/Technician
Conway, Arkansas
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I saw this during my initial research when things went pair shaped because he had the long crank also. I used his picx to count links against the colored links on new chain. They match. My marks line up exactly with the reference marks, I mean exactly. Way better his did. I replaced the chain. I even parts warrantied the new cam gear and same issue returned. I'm hoping software update will fix it.

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Nicholas Diagnostician
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If mechanical timing is correct, and programming does not solve it. It may be that what the Cam sensor reads (phonic wheel) shifted slightly making the computer think it is out of timing. I know that Mercedes had that problem with other models.

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Babu Owner/Technician
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Timing chain and vvt and gears wear out excessively on this engine, ewis type chain

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Brian Owner/Technician
Conway, Arkansas
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Just a short update. The timing marks are very sensitive on this motor, but I have verified timing is dead on. With this motor if the marks are off the slightest its wrong. Just to make sure I verified again. I scoped the cam sensors and found some interference on the intake cam signal that went away when I unplugged the only old ignition coil left on the car. Interference is gone but not the…

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Ryan Mechanic
Milwaukie, Oregon
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So did the software update work as I have the same issue on my car cam sensor on intake at 110.54 exhaust is at -108.94 now I know that I can not adjust that sof a degree with timing chain adjustment, I’m thinking it needs a relearn

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