Need Help with Intermittent P0500 2010 Toyota

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2010 Toyota Camry LE 2.5L (2AR-FE) 6-spd
P0500 - Vehicle Speed Sensor "A" Circuit

Every one to two months the Check Engine Light Illuminates with DTC PO500. Fairly low mileage 73,647 and garage kept. All four wheel speed sensors appear to be even and consistent. The square wave from the ABS Module to the Instrument Cluster and from the Instrument Cluster to the ECM appear to be good, normal and consistent. I am somewhat aware of a Junction Box that gets corrosion, I believe the wiring diagram calls it J/B 3 but Parts Dept. calls it J/B 1, I believe it's the one behind the Instrument Cluster and very difficult to get to, haven't checked that yet. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Brandon Diagnostician
Reading , Pennsylvania
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Bob, can you define the P0500 for us?

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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VSS input malfunction as Generic OBDII

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Bob Owner/Technician
Rockville, Maryland
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Thanks for the reply Brandon, I'm unclear about defining PO500? It's a Vehicle Speed Sensor failure set in the ECM. P.S. Brandon you taught a class at Montgomery College on 2-7-19 that I attended. It was a good class and you did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!

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Brandon Diagnostician
Reading , Pennsylvania
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Bob, Great! I’m glad you enjoyed the class. We will ALWAYS have a good time in class (that is my #1 objective). Regarding the P0500...I was unclear of the definition of the DTC. (ie : P0300 “random misfire) . I was not near a PC at the time and was trying to gain the whole story so I could contribute. Again, thanks for the positive feedback and I look forward to seeing you in class

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John Owner
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Bob, A couple of questions. Have you experienced the issue? If so did you have test equipment hooked up? If so where was test equipment back probed at? When customer or you experience issue does speedometer work? On intermittent issues such as this it is imperative to "interrogate" customer. Weather conditions, run time, driving maneuvers, etc all play a major role in diagnosing intermittent

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Christopher Technician
San Antonio, Texas
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Both the SFI & cruise control system can set this code, but they have different requirements to set it. The cruise is the most sensitive (no signal for 0.14 seconds or more with cruise control set), so you might try running it with the cruise on to see if you can get it to set. The signal goes through the Combo meter to the No. 3 J/B to a J/C, which splits it between the TCM and ECM. Are

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Geoff Diagnostician
Lahaina, Hawaii
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What scan tool? None of the other modules are reporting any DTC? How many miles since DTC set, before they bring it in to you? If you can't duplicate it, you need to get them to understand that they have to help more. Bringing it in before cycling the key would be the best bet. Some other module may be flagging something but then "forgetting it" by the time they bring it in, if they are waiting

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