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Hi, I am in Australia. We have yet to see an influx of ADAS equipped vehicles. However with some of the insurance work we are doing it is starting to become an issue. I have a few questions in regards to the systems.

We have the Option of Hella Gutman, GScan or Autel. Can any offer there opinion on these machines?

Are panel shops carrying out there own calibrations or do they sub them out to work shops?

Does anyone do mobile ADAS calibration and could it work?

We dont have access to any manufactures software over here for coding aside from GM, would this stop the majority of calibrations being carried out?

Thank you in advance for any info :)

Vinney Owner/Technician
New York

Hi there sorry i don't have any answers for you But i am also interested in finding out more about ADAS systems and making the calibrations Please keep me in mind thanks

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Steve Diagnostician

you will need more than a scantool. the largest expense will be proprietary alignment and calibration kits consisting of patterns and hardware and devoted bayspace to up to 30 by 50. this will also include a floor layout. and there are vehicle alignment requirements before attempting these calibrations. if your performing a calibration at a body shop, an incorrect frame pull will also affect

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Brendan Owner/Technician

Hi Chris, Brendan from Brisbane here. ADAS hasn't particularly impacted us yet, but I see where you are coming from. Unfortunately it seems like one of those technologies that the manufacturers are 'fixing on the run' - It's what the consumer wants and they will think about the service implications when it comes to it. I spoke with a US early adopter recently that does all the ADAS work for

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist

Hi Brendan: You raise a good point about some of the procedures. I live in an area which could have a postal code of EIEIO. It is rural. Because of this, Dynamic Calibration of Adaptive Cruise Control systems on some vehicles can be difficult, at best. The technical term is a "target rich environment". We don't have enough road signs. I guess that I'll take the good with the bad. :) There are

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