SENT Protocol Demonstration using Arduino Uno and Picoscope

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Since posting a series of videos on SENT (SAE J2716) protocol used by "smart sensors" in newer cars:


I have received quite a few requests, mostly from European automotive instructors and trainers, for Arduino Uno code that generates the corresponding signals so that they can demonstrate various SENT messages to their students.

While I have a library for transmitting and receiving SENT messages that supports various microcontrollers, that code is heavily optimized for speed, proper timing, etc., and is unreadable by a typical Arduino Uno user.

So, I took a different path and created a web page that generates easy-to-read code for Arduino Uno that outputs the desired SENT message in a loop. A Picoscope connected to Pin 3 of the board will capture the waveform and decode it (if the appropriate settings are used -- the clock tick must be set to a custom value of 30us!).

Any feedback, suggestions, tips (and, if you so desire, DNT tips -- they will go back to techs that help my research by completing bounties) are welcome!

LINK to the web page: …​.​com/software/SENTD…

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Thank you for this one! I'll check it out.

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Maynard Technician
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Thank you! very nice!

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Brian Owner
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Thanks for sharing, It works! I had to set my clock in Pico scope to 30 micro seconds to get to decode, if testing on vehicle 3 microseconds would get a reading?

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Dmitriy Analyst
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Brian, thank you for test-driving the code! 3 microseconds is a popular clock tick value for real sensors, but it’s easy to calculate the clock tick for any SENT waveform from the sync pulse length — just divide it by 56.

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