Ford VCM 3

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Since the vcm 3 is out I was planning on buying one until I talk to a friend who is in direct contact with ford engineers and they told him to not buy one just yet because they have a lot of problems and at this moment they're not even certain if is hardware, firmware or software . Anyway i haven't been called for a vehicle that requires vcm 3 yet so better wait a couple of years until they debug it. Just my opinion 

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I have been using the vcm3 and I had one recently where I was hooked up to a 2008 ford edge in where I wanted to do an as built data flash, No matter what I tried (and I tried a lot of different things) it would load the pcm and it would give me a axle ratio code. I ended up having to get ahold of the original module and inhaled the data so I could exhale it into the new Ford pcm. Only then did…

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Did you log on to pts to get the as built data from oasis? I have never had a problem with Ford programming using the ids personally, I have not used the vcm3 though. I havent felt the need to buy one since the fdrs works with the vcn2 and is part of the ids subscription but if I was going to spend the money on another ford tool I would buy the VCMM package with the NVH software, but then again…

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the Edge and Taurus have a known concedrn with the P1635. The resolution is to inhale from the original module. This has been an issue for at least 5-10 versions. There was an issue with Focus PCM's looking for an axle range that wouldn't accept the decoded ratio (3.34 it was looking for …?) Inhale from the original is the workaround for that too. If you follow the recommended process…

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I had a 2019 continental do the same with bcm

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