Programming failure of Aftermarket Key Fob

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2017 Dodge Charger SXT 3.6L (G ERB) 8-spd (845RE)
Vehicle Randomly Fails To Detect Fob But Allows Remote Starting And Door Unlocking

Hello everyone! Aftermarket key was programmed by another shop and worked for about 1.5 months then, randomly, the vehicle failed to recognize the fob. Sometimes it work other times it doesn't. I tried pressing the push button with fob but it's a no go 9 out 10. Most times remote starting works for multiple attempts but the vehicle shuts off as soon as the brake pedal is depressed or the dr door is open. After so many tries remote starting is disabled. All the while the lock/unlock functions remain operational. When the car does start it will randomly display key has left vehicle on ipc while vehicle is being driven.

I tried a function on the Autel 906 bt to locate any learned key in and around the vehicle but it returns 00 key while the fob is placed on the center console. I tried reprogramming with the Autel but the RF module communicate to the scanner that the key is already programmed. So I erased the key but it fails to reprogram now. Message is "...programming has failed or timed out..." FOBIK battery is good at 3.0 volts. Vehicle battery is new. At this point I suggested owner to source a brand new oe Dodge fob because I believe the AM fob failed.

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I have not had many good experiences with the AM Fobiks, I dont think a new one is a bad place for you to start depending on the DTC's that are setting. Be sure to check SI for TSB's.

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For my part, the battery voltage must be 3.3 volts minimum. I have already encountered several remote controls that did not work well with a voltage of 3 volts. HTH.

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Caleb Diagnostician
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Agree with Daniel on the 3.3v. However if it was me dont waste your time with that thing. Tell the customer you will do OE only and move on.

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Albin Diagnostician
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On something like that, the cost of the diag will be more than getting a new OE key/fob. I have also found that most times, the cost of an aftermarket fob will be about the same, or in some cases more than the OE part.

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Lesage Technician
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Thanks everyone. A brand new OE FOBIK fixed it. We'll see if it acts up again. Thanks again.

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