2011 Chrysler 200, do not be deceived. It ate my lunch and a couple other quality techs as well

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Case Study
2011 Chrysler 200 Limited 2.4L (B EDG) 6-spd (62TE)
Remotes Dont Work
Key In Ignition Message On Dash
Engine Runs 2-3 Seconds After Key Off

So I am going to apologize before I begin. I did not save a lot of screen shots. I am going to try and use service information to explain my process. I did find the problem. I am sure somebody has run into this and knows the problem. I could not find any help on it.

The vehicle is a 2011 Chrysler 200 with a 2.4. Customer complaint is that the remotes do not work, Key in ignition message on dash and the vehicle continues to run after it is shut off. The big question is are they all related or do we have multiple problems?

I am a mobile programmer and the shop has already installed a WCM, Ignition switch and a tipm. 

I should have added this vehicle had an aftermarket remote start that was removed prior to my arrival. The box had a corroded wire that was not connected and we couldn't find the connection.

The biggest question I have from the beginning is who sends the message to the TIPM to say the key is in the ignition? So the information I could find in service information. Both Alldata and techauthority​.​com have same information. this seems to be a dead end. I could not find who sends this information. 

I then got a pinout for the ignition switch and scoped all 4 wires, Nothing seemed to change when the key was put in ignition. 

At this time I decided to go at it from another direction. Lets concentrate on the engine not shutting off immediately. This took me to the ASD relay. Everything seemed to match what the engine was doing. (yes I suggested a used pcm). After programming it had the exact same symptoms. No surprise. I was running out of ideas. I decided to go have lunch and start over when I returned. 

Upon returning I decided to focus on finding who is monitoring the key in ignition and see if I could find a change in state. I scoped the ignition switch again. I then scoped the WCM wires and found I was missing a B+ to the WCM. How could this be? It programmed just fine. communicates just fine and the car starts and runs with no codes in WCM. OK. SO I have a problem that I am confident is not going to fix this car. I go to the TIPM and locate the B+ and it has power on the out side of the tipm towards the WCM. I go to connector 114 and I have no power at the connector pin 10 as the information states. I then hook a jumper from the tipm to the pin 10 of my connector. amazingly the chime shuts off and the remotes now work. I start the car and it also shuts off as it should. Who would have thought the WCM could cause all of these problems and not have any codes. 

I made many mistakes in my diagnostics routine. There were many times I was ready to walk away. If I had not decided to scope the wcm looking for a signal or change of state when the key was in the ignition I would probably still be there, I did not post this to show my ignorance or embarrass myself. I am hoping this can help someone in the future. This is one of those that sticks out next time you see this problem. I regularly make mistakes and most of the time I learn from them. 

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Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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Sam, I have been fighting one of these with a customer for a few months now. With theirs there is something wacky with the dome lights too. Were you able to find the bad or broken connection or did you overlay the wire? Way to hang in there and fix the problem!

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Sam Mobile Technician
Flint, Michigan
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I should have included that it had an aftermarket remote start that was removed prior to my arrival. My suspect is they tapped the wcm power wire with a scotch lock and it corroded off. No I did not find the broken wire. The shop is overlaying a wire. due to extreme dash wiring issues. They do not want to open a can of worms. They lost their butts on this one.

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Sam Mobile Technician
Flint, Michigan
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Not sure about the dome lights. This one they would stay on occasionally, flash when the key was turned off. seemed to effect the door ajar circuit. I must admit I did not see if it fixed this when I was done as it was not a major concern.

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Matthew Mobile Technician
Bartlett, Illinois
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My guess... the power missing messed with the CAN C... for some reason the car not turning off is symptom I see on these newer FCA cars when the bus has voltage issues. I didn't look at the diagram, is this a PowerNet car? I don't think the 200 was in 2013... but may be similar to what I have seen.

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Matthew Mobile Technician
Bartlett, Illinois
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Sorry, just realized it was a 2011... worked on a 2013 yesterday, must be stuck in my head still haha

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Geoff Diagnostician
Lahaina, Hawaii
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IIRC, WCM is "in charge" and later it's the RF Hub. One thing that has always interested me, and very little training material is out there on it, is the "who is in charge of all this?" aspect of most modern vehicle networks. GM has always clearly defined a Power Mode Master and with everybody else it seems to be a mystery some times. It's covered in factory training but may not be clearly…

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Phil Technician
Las Vegas, Nevada
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There is a bulletin for this issue. The RKE can be inoperative, No Start, Remote Start inoperative, Chime On with Key Out. Verify the "key in" sense voltage for the different key positions. Opening the door with the key removed will validate the correct key position (key out). If the "key out" position is not known, or is reading incorrectly, the vehicle will not operate as expected. Sometimes…

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Cody Diagnostician
Tucson, Arizona
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Thanks for taking time to educate us all. We all get our butts kicked from time to time.

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