In search of a known good cam/crank waveform for GM 3.6L

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2012 Chevrolet Camaro LS 3.6L (3 LFX) 6-spd (6L50)
Rough Idle

Hello DN,

Was reaching out to see if anyone had a known good waveform for gm 3.6 for the ecm inputs from cmp's or cmps with ckp. I am aware that this engine is found in many platforms so I am not sure if all will be the same as far as the placement of the signals.

If you do have one or more to provide please specify what will be providing, like for example: if the waveform is for all 4 cmp's at once and which trace is which banks cmp and if its during cranking or at idle. or if its of one banks two cmp's with the ckp specify which bank cmp's and which trace is what sensor and again if during cranking or at idle.

Thanks again in advance for any help

Chris Diagnostician
New York

Try this

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Sadel Owner/Technician

Thanks Chris, I will check and compare with the one I have

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